How to check my latest subscribers/subscriptions on the TagMango app?

A subscription reflects immediately on a Creator’s dashboard and you should receive a notification for the same. 

Notifications.jpeg    Subscribers_panel.jpeg

You can also go to the Subscribers section, filter the particular mango and see the latest subscribers in that mango. Alternatively, you can go to the Earnings tab, select the particular mango and view the latest purchases.  

If a subscriber claims to have made the payment but the subscription isn't reflecting, kindly ask them to wait for 24 hours. Sometimes, the bank or UPI may delay the transfer which in turn delays the subscription. The amount would either reverse to the subscriber or his subscription would get completed and he would get notified automatically. 

You think there's an issue? Kindly reach out to with your name, your registered mobile number, email, and the the nature of your issue. Once you share the complete information, the team shall resolve the issue within 72 hours