How to Edit/Hide a Mango?

In case you wish to update the details of the mango, like the start date, price, frequency, description etc, you can use the Edit option. And after a service is complete or the seats are full, you may hide/ unhide the mango to avoid any accidental purchases

To edit, hide or unhide an existing mango-

  • Go to your dashboard and click on the “Mangoes” section and select "Mango Overview" option from the drop down menu on the left panel.
  • You can find all your previously created Mangoes in this section.
  • Share, Edit and Delete options are available under the Actions header.
  • To edit, hide or unhide any mango, click on the pencil icon next to the Share button.
  • A panel from right will slide in and you can edit the details or hide/unhide the mango via the slider on the Hide Mango option.


Note: You may even delete the mango but deleting is an irreversible option hence should only be practised in a mango that has no subscribers. 

In case you face an issue in this section, please write to along with a screenrecording of the issue, your name, registered mobile number and email id. Once all the information is shared, team will resolve the issue within 72 hours.