How to create a Landing Page for an offering on TagMango?

Landing Pages are referred to as Mango Pages on TagMango. You can edit the available templates to create beautiful landing pages of your next offering within minutes! Here's how:

After creating the required mango,

  • Go to your Dashboard on TagMango web and select the Mangoes section on the left panel. Select "Mango Pages" from the drop down.
  • Choose the desired template and link the mango for which you are creating this webpage.
  • You can rearrange/add/delete sections from the left panel and then come to the editor on the right.
  • Double clicking on any text will open the text editor and you may update the text as per your choice. 
  • You can even update images/ videos by clicking on the particular section in the editor and then uploading the image/video from the left panel. 
  • You can preview how the same webpage would look on phones, laptops and tabs, and if all looks good, click on the floppy disc to save your progress and click on the Publish button to make the webpage live. 
  • On the side panel that appears, add your site data like the Website name, the description and the personalised URL and save.
  • Voila, your landing page is live within minutes




Note: You can making your landing pages more intelligent and can collect data of visitors. Checkout How to create a Pop-up enabled Landing Page?! 

You can also refer to the video below-