How to generate a Discount Coupon?

You can generate a discount coupon from your dashboard for your potential subscribers.

To generate a coupon, you can follow these steps below-

  • Go to your dashboard and click on the “Marketing” section and select "Coupon Codes" option from the drop down menu on the left panel.
  • Click on "Create Coupon" on the top right corner and a panel to set up your coupon code will appear from right.
  • Enter a coupon code name** suitable for your offering, select the mango for which you are creating a code, select the discount type (#Percentage or Flat discount.)
  • Entering the total usage of the coupon codes and the setting the minimum and maximum mango price for which the coupon can be applied is optional.
  • Set the start and end date(expiry) of the coupon code and click on submit, the coupon code will be generated instantly and then you can share it with your potential subscribers.

NOTE- The Coupon discounts are to be solely borne by the creators and it'll not be borne by TagMango in any case.
**If the coupon code entered by you is already registered on TagMango for any other Creator/Mango, the code will not be accepted by the system.
#Percentage discount can be used for a specific percentage of discount that the subscriber will be getting on payment checkout.

#Flat Discount can be used for a specific/flat amount that will be deducted during the payment checkout.



You can also refer to the video below-