How to build a Pre-Recorded course on TagMango?


You can build a full-fledged Pre-Recorded course on TagMango from the Courses section.

To build a course on TagMango, you can follow these steps below-

  • After creating the required Mango, go to the "Courses" section on your laptop/PC and click on the Create button.
  • Enter a title and link the mango(es) so only subscribers of those mango(es) will have access creating to this course. 

  • Next, you can add sections and then multiple chapters in each section depending on the desired course. 
  • Add the main type of content in each chapter, and then you can even add Resource, like study material, side notes, assignments etc, as well as a Description
  • Once all the content is uploaded, Go to the "Course set-up" section from the left panel and enter the basic details of the course, click on save once done.
  • You can Preview the course and if all looks good, simply click on "Publish" and your course will become immediately accessible to subscribers of only those linked mango(es).
  • Please note that the course can be edited at any time by click on the "Edit course" button from the courses section.