Amount debited but No Confirmation Email

TagMango sends payment confirmation messages across 3 channels - Email, Text Message and Whatsapp (if registered no. is available on Whatsapp)
Email_confirmation.jpeg     Whatsapp_Confirmation.jpeg 


If the amount is debited from your bank account/wallet but you didn't receive a confirmation in any of the above 3 channels, try the following:

- For text: Check your network and try enabling/disabling flight mode. Sometimes, SMS get stuck due to network issues. 
- For email:  Check the SPAM folder once. At times, GMail may treat the confirmation email as SPAM.
- For Whatsapp: Check the number on which you received the OTP. Some phones may send the OTP to Archived. The number on which you received OTP got registered on TagMango. Is this number on Whatsapp? If not, you shall not receive Whatsapp confirmation. 

Note: International subscribers receive only email confirmations. OTP is sent to their email.

If you have received any of the above confirmations, kindly download the TagMango app and log in using the registered mobile number/ email id. You shall have access to all the content shared by your creator there. 

In case neither of the above work, wait for 48 hours for the payment to reverse. Sometimes, your bank may not transfer the amount to TagMango's account due to server issues/ technical glitch. The amount should automatically get reversed to original payment source.

If you are still facing an issue, please reach out to with a screenshot of your payment, transaction ID, your name, your registered mobile number, email and the service you were trying to purchase. Once you share the complete information, the team shall resolve the issue within 72 hours.