Can't Access Recording for Workshop Purchased

Did your creator mention that he/she will be sharing the recording on the TagMango app?

If no, the recording may not have been part of the service. You may reach out to the creator on their social and ask for the same. Whether or not they share depends completely on them.  

If yes, please download the TagMango app and log in via OTP using your registered mobile number (if Indian) or email id(if International). Your registered mobile number/email id is the same in which you received the OTP and the purchase confirmation. Once logged in, tap on the Feed section from the bottom tray and select your creator from Manage creators panel at the top. You should be able to access the recording in this section.


In case you don't see the recording, try the following:

- Recordings are usually posted within 72 hours of the session by the creator unless stated otherwise. You may wait if 72 hours have not passed since the live workshop.
- The creator may have made a course out of the recording. You can check the Courses section from the bottom tray and see if there are any videos there. 

If you are still facing an issue, please reach out to with your name, your registered mobile number, email and the service you purchased. Once you share the complete information, the team shall resolve the issue within 72 hours.